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Latest news: 12-09-2010

Meth becoming easier to make

KY - A way of making meth called "shake and bake" is easy, popular, and extremely dangerous. We met up with one of the detectives who deals with meth labs in our area. "For a long time what we saw around this area in particular, Warren County in particular, we saw a lot of anhydrous cooks, or Nazi cooks, and almost solely everybody's switched to this shake and bake method because its easier to get a hold of the ingredients," said a detective with the Warren County Drug Task Force. One trip down the bypass and you could make a few stops to pick up all the ingredients you need for a shake and bake that will cook in a plastic drink bottle.

Full story, WBKO - TV

Law officers respond to anti-meth plan

MO - In the wake of proposals by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster to make cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine available by prescription only, most local law enforcement officials are in favor of the plan. John Luckey, a member of the Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force, strongly supports the proposal as a way of combatting the manufacture of methamphetamine. "Absolutely," he said. "I've been fighting this war for 15 years. I don't see anything happening without removing pseudoephedrine from the shelves." Luckey said the most popular form of methamphetamine production, the "shake and bake" labs, are exploding in southwest Missouri.

Full story, Cassville Democrat

Woman convicted of giving meth to ten-week old baby

AL - A 23-year-old woman has been found guilty of aggravated child abuse after authorities say she fed methamphetamine and ecstasy to her boyfriend's baby. The Calhoun County jury deliberated more than three hours Wednesday before convicting Stevette Patrice Chapman of Anniston of abuse and drug possession. The jury passed over a charge of attempted murder.

Full story, WHNT - TV

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