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Latest news: 12-10-2010

Cross-border drug smuggling ring busted

A massive cross-border drug smuggling ring has been busted, the Ontario Provincial Police say. Project Needham saw 29 people taken into custody and a large amount of drugs, including crystal meth and marijuana, taken off the streets. Officers allege that the accused used boats to smuggle the drugs across the United States – Canada border. The joint initiative among the OPP, Belleville Police, Toronto Police, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, and a host of other forces, was launched in the spring of 2009 The bulk of the warrants were carried out on December 8. A meth lab in a home near Bolton was part of the sting, as well as 33 other homes and businesses in the eastern and western parts of Southern Ontario. “22 pounds of crystal methamphetamine was seized,” said OPP Det. Insp. Ian Grant.

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Meth treatment programs could lose $1 million

SD - The number of meth lab busts and arrests in South Dakota are down dramatically, but the amount of meth taken in those raids is as high or even higher as it was seven years ago. In 2003, officials raided 41 meth labs in the state, made more than 500 arrests and seized 14 pounds of meth. So far this year, they've broken up 11 labs, made 379 arrests, but seized19 pounds. Now Governor Rounds is proposing to cut 1 million dollars from the state budget for meth treatment and those who help treat the addictions on a daily basis are concerned about the impact that could have on meth use in the state. The problems associated with meth haven't gone away in South Dakota and treating an addict isn't a quick fix.

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Man continues journey across country

MO - A man walked into St. Joseph this week nearly one-third of the way through a 4,500-mile journey to raise awareness about meth addiction. Rik Remus, originally of Walla Walla, Wash., began his journey from Boise, Idaho to Daleville, Ala., and then to San Diego on Oct. 17, little more than seven weeks ago. But his on-foot journey across the country is only the latest step in a larger journey Mr. Remus, a former addict himself, began almost eight years ago.

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