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Latest news: 12-16-2010

Debate over prescriptions for cold medicine continues

MO - Missouri has led the nation in the seizure of methamphetamine labs for 10 consecutive years -- a distinction the state would like to lose. One step in an effort to crack down on the production of meth was taken by Cape Girardeau and Scott City recently as both city councils passed an ordinance to require a prescription for products containing pseudoephedrine -- a key ingredient in the manufacturing of the highly addictive drug.  Gov. Jay Nixon is urging the Missouri Legislature to pass legislation making Missouri the third state in the nation to require a doctor's prescription for pseudoephedrine-containing cold medications.

Full story, Southeast Missourian

Law enforcement against lowering offense levels for meth dealing

IN - The cost to house one inmate in county jails or state prisons is roughly $35,000 a year. "What I'm hearing right now is we don't have the money to keep everybody in jail," Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt said. "So, if that's the case, the legislature is going to have to decide then how to minimize some of these crimes so there aren't so many people in jail." To do that, the legislature is considering lowering the offense levels for meth and cocaine. It's a move that law enforcement said will, in effect, legalize drug dealing.

Full story, WTHI - TV

Who should pay for meth lab clean-ups?

AR - Unless there's another find, Carroll County is going to end the year with a count of eight methamphetamine labs processed by city and county law enforcement. According to Carroll County Sheriff Bob Grudek, two of the labs were in Berryville, four were in county jurisdiction, and two were in Green Forest. The busts have resulted in ten arrests, but that's just one aspect of cleaning up meth. The latest lab was discovered December 10 in Green Forest when a caller reported a suspicious duffel bag in the crawl space of a house being cleaned for rental. After the Green Forest Police Department (GFPD) responded, Chief John Bailey saw the duffel was open and determined it contained hazardous materials common to meth labs.

Full story, Lovely County Citizen

Man on meth sentenced for trying to abandon children

OR - A 33-year-old man was sentenced to 1¾ years in prison today after he wandered around his East Portland complex in his underwear, trying to get rid of his two young children. According to police, Corey Daniel Boltz was likely high on meth when he stepped into the unit of a neighbor he didn’t know, placed his 9-month-old child on the floor and said “Sorry.” He then walked out. A resident of the complex at 15982 East Burnside Street called 9-1-1 at 9:44 p.m. Sept. 13 saying a man was trying to abandon his children. Police found Boltz’s 2-year-old child under a pile of clothes on the floor of his unit. Boltz reportedly had been fighting with his wife. She’d left the kids with a babysitter. When she didn’t return on time, the babysitter left the children with Boltz.

Full story, The Oregonian

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