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Latest news: 12-17-2009

Mexican cartels battle for control of drug trade

As Mexican drug-cartel fighting rages, the new breed of capos knows more about battle than business, experts say.

Cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine gush into the United States, but Mexico's largest criminal organizations are taking a beating, and their futures have tumbled into uncertainty.

Full story, The Houston Chronicle

Police find 'superlab,' seize 145 lbs. of meth

Tempe, AZ - Tempe police Wednesday announced the biggest drug bust in the city's history, netting more than 200 pounds of illicit substances.

"Today is a great day, although today is also a disturbing day," said Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff.

Full story, KPHO-TV

Man arrested with $14,000 worth of crystal meth

CA - Ramon Contreras was arrested Thursday morning in Strathmore on suspicion of possessing more than a quarter pound of crystal methamphetamine.

Tulare County Sheriff's detectives found the drugs at the 36-year-old man's home on the 19600 block of Avenue 232.

Authorities estimated the street value of the drugs at more than $14,000.

Contreras was booked into the sheriff's Porterville substation, pending a transfer to the sheriff's Main Jail in Visalia.

His bail was set at $30,000.

From the Visalia Times-Delta

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