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Latest news: 12-21-2009

Survey reveals Idaho's struggles with meth

ID - The local Mad Mothers Against Methamphetamine has come out with results from a survey conducted during the summer.

Surveys were handed out during the Twin Falls County Fair, where about 400 people participated.

The asked people if they knew someone who had a problem with meth. 55 percent said yes.

Also people were asked if people could be good parents under the influence of meth. 88 percent said no.
Other questions also included asked about the negative health affects of meth. Nearly all who responded believed meth posed a health problem.


Kentucky law enforcement supports anti-meth legislation

KY - Kentucky has joined a growing national debate on whether to require a prescription for some cold and allergy medicines in an attempt to eliminate dangerous methamphetamine labs.

At issue is pseudoephedrine, the ingredient in some over-the-counter remedies. Meth "cookers" amass piles of tablets that contain the drug, then convert it to meth in small, homemade labs often fashioned from plastic bottles, using a chemical process that involves toxic substances such as drain cleaner and starter fluid.

Full story, McClatchy

Former addicts among those learning drug counseling

CA - The students packing Bill Shilley’s classroom are nearly all recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, some still struggling to overcome abusive childhoods and years in prison.

They’re glued to the words of the blunt yet compassionate professor who founded the addiction studies program at Oxnard College almost 30 years ago.

Full story, Ventura County Star

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