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Latest news: 12-29-08

One of W VA's largest rings comes to an end

Nestled in Tyler County, police said a country home with a beautiful view was the heart of a major methamphetamine ring.

Police said 10 people, including one from Sistersville, are either now serving time or waiting to be sentenced. Many of them pleaded guilty, and one suspect remains at large.

Most recently, Arizona resident Jesse Morales was convicted, making him the last co-conspirator to go through the court system.

Full story, WTOV Channel 9 News

Woman arrested after meth found in bra 

RIPON — A DUI check point on Jack Tone Road near Highway 99 Saturday night netted Ripon Police six vehicles they towed and a woman with two no bail warrants out of Alameda County for forgery and burglary.

Sheena Rae Erwin, 20, also had misdemeanor warrants out of her home town of Tracy and Modesto.  Officers stopped John Crommelin who was driving her Neon and cited him for driving without a license.
Erwin was found to have some three grams of crystal methamphetamine in her bra when searched by a female officer at the police department.  The officer also located a glass crank pipe that had been hidden within a body cavity, police said.

Full story, The Manteca Bulletin

Seven decontaminated after meth lab found

LONGMONT — Seven people are out of their homes and have been decontaminated after a meth lab was discovered in their Longmont apartment building.

The six-unit building was emptied Friday after tests revealed contamination from a meth lab discovered in a basement apartment there a week before. Seven adults were taken to a fire station for decontamination.

Among the decontaminated residents was 42-year-old Stephen Derr, a maintenance worker at the complex who was arrested last week on suspicion of using the lab to make methamphetamines.

From The Denver Post

Elmira Police find remnants of meth lab

ELMIRA, N.Y. -- One person has been arrested after police discovered remnants of a methamphetamine lab.

Sunday night, Elmira City patrol officers were on Pattinson Street for an unrelated matter when they found the meth lab at the home of William Guy, 27. Guy has been charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance.

This is the first meth lab found in the City of Elmira in several years. Police say Guy may face additional charges.

From TWEAN Channel 10 News

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