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Organizing strategies
Organizing strategies
Organizations: Key to anti-meth strategy

As the methamphetamine plague spread from California to the West and later the Midwest, groups including everything from the smallest town counsels to state legislatures moved in to cut off the carnage.

Early organizers had no blueprint to follow, no examples of successes or failures. Those beginning or reorganizing now are more fortunate.

Here are two brief descriptions of how organizations grew at both the local and state levels. Other good examples exist and their links are included:

Says one experienced organizer:
"You really need to get out the message that 'We're not gong to let it happen here!'"

Building a local meth action team
Communities in action
Many parties must work in concert
Regardless of the size or complexity of an anti-meth group, there are some basic guidelines that can help make such organizations grow smoothly.

Organizing principles