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Bringing resources closer to home

The National Meth Center has created three regional centers that can assist areas with unique needs relating to the meth epidemic. Regional centers are now open in the Pacific, Rocky Mountain and Northeast. Long-term planning at the center includes more regional offices to serve meth-plagued populations wherever they are.

The primary mission of regional centers will be coordinating
the efforts of communities, governments, law enforcement
and treatment resources so the anti-meth campaign has
maximum impact.

The National Methamphetamine Center’s Goals include: 

n Help communities organize groups that can take on
the challenge of methamphetamine use, distribution or
manufacture. The meth center continues to extend its
training online and has a cadre of trainers who can do
on-site work with regional groups.

n Work with law enforcement agencies to discover improved working relationships with treatment and prevention professionals as well as community leaders. Jim Palestino is a retired DEA agent and can lend real-life experience to those requesting it.

n Guide partner groups in proper ways to collect, manage and use data and information.

n Promote treatment by connecting those in need with professional organizations..

n Develop training programs, publish policy briefs, newsletters and tool kits to support any group as it responds to the methamphetamine epidemic.

n Serve as a national guide to the best resources on topics relating to methamphetamine.