Finding the insights you need
Much has been written about methamphetamine.Many videos and films have been created, studies performed and research published. What follows is the Center's inventory of web links -- updated consistently -- to help those confronted with the meth epidemic.

If you know of other sites that will be helpful to others, please e-mail us with the specific URL.

Federal meth information
The government offers several sites that
contain excellent sources of meth information
and solutions
National crisis hotline
Finding treatment and other help

About the center
Meth resources
Meth resources
David Parnell's resurrection (above) and more
SURVEY: The Meth Project
Roper measures U.S. use and attitudes on meth.
One finding: One teen in ten says someone offered them or tried to get them to use meth.
Meth labs
Spotting labs, first responders,  photo gallery and more
A look at the options for  training sessions, both live and online.
Comprehensive sites
From UCLA's unique studies and information to Partnership for a Drug-Free America and more

Others / Misc.
Faith-based programs and others that do not conveniently fit into one of the other categories.
& recovery
Real treatment programs and research into what
is next for meth treatment.
National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (above)
has chapters in 22 states
An overview of prevention programs and strategies created at the local, state and
federal level.
Help for methamphetamine's smallest victims
Document library
A continuously updated compilation of meth information from sources across the country.