Federal meth information

National crisis hotline
Finding treatment and other help
Federal treatment publications

DEA methamphetamine section
Includes multi-media, history and other
current information on meth

National Center on Substance Abuse
and Child Welfare
Comprehensive look at meth issues and
links to other resources

Get Smart About Drugs
DEA-sponsored site aimed at parents and
written in "non-technical" language

DEA state factsheets (includes meth)
The drug situation in all 50 states including
meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and others

About the center
Meth resources
Meth resources

Very comprehensive site updated often
with changes and events that affect
the methamphetamine scene

National Drug Threat Assessment
A view of all the United States' major
illicit drug problems -- including meth
from the National Drug Intelligence Center

Model substance abuse programs
and interventions
From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administration, more than 50
programs for adults and children

"Pushing Back Against Meth"
A progress report from the Office of
National Drug Control Policy

Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act 2005
Outlineof federal legislation limiting meth precursor ingredients

The Methamphetamine Problem:
A question and answer guide
Drug Demand Reduction
The Army National Guard runs programs in all 50 states. The guard mentors offer classes to schools, community groups and other organizations.