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Meth resources
Methamphetamine labs

NEW: EPA guidelines for meth lab cleanup

NEW: DEA lists indicators to help spot meth labs

CDC report on meth lab consequences
Thorough report on dangers of meth labs
(includes links to other lab reports)

Health hazards of chemicals found in meth labs
From acetic acid to toluene and everything in between

Clastestine lab publications from Washington State
Information for property owners, communities and more

Model legislation on meth labs
Includes federal and state laws and regulations

Meth lab information for first responders
New Hampshire information for EMTs, etc.

Protocols for meth lab cleanup
Thorough document created by Connecticut

Warnings for realtors and home buyers

Q & A on meth labs
From Illinois governor's office

Printable fact sheet on lab cleanup
From Wisconsin governor's office

"Mom and pop" meth labs can be run out of a car trunk or less.In remote areas, meth labs are frequently run outdoors.Technicians dig through toxic waste at a meth dump siteIngredients for cooking meth in a home labHazmat-suited enforcement officers dismantle a lab Highly flamable ingredients can explode, claiming an entire dwelling such as this one in Shannon Hills, Ark.A small fire inside this Montana kitchen meth lab was quickly dousedThis Kentucky couple faces thousands of dollars in cleanup costs because a meth lab was run in their property
Meth lab photo gallery
Click photo for larger view and caption informaton