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The situation: Alaska has
experienced a steep decline
in the number of meth labs
found by law enforcement.
However, as home-cooked meth
disappears, imported meth
is taking its place. The Alaska
Bureau of Alcohol and Drug
Enforcement (ABADE) reports
that the amount of meth
seized in arrests or raids jumped
more than five times between
2008 and 2009 (see graphic,

Meth in Alaska

-- Meth-related arrests in Alaska have risen slightly in recent
years, from 144 in 2007 to 163 in 2009. (From ABADE)

-- Just over 2% of Alaska drug treatment admissions are for
methamphetamine as the primary drug. Nationally the figure
is 6.3%.  (From: Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality,
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

-- Among people surveyed on drug issues, nearly three-fourths
said there was a great risk to using meth once or twice. However, nearly 7% said there was little or no risk.

-- -- Spending for substance-abuse treatment, prevention and research:
                                   Amount    Per capita  Pct. of budget
Alaska               $8M       $11,390.14%
U.S. average    $65M       $10.64        0.37%
(From The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Columbia University) 

Speaking of meth in Alaska

-- "We know meth is here in Alaska and is being used in Alaska Native communities and households. The effects of meth on the user's brain often lead to physical and sexual violence toward anyone the user encounters, whether a child, adult, elder, health care or social service provider, emergency responder or law enforcement."
-- Diane Payne, director of the Justice for Native Children Project

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Alaska meth seizures (kilograms)
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Youth report
Secondary school students who say they have tried meth at least once in their life.
Source: CDC Youth Risk Behavior survey