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The situation: Law enforcement officials have identified
meth as Alabama's top drug threat. On March 30, 2010, Gov.
Bob Riley signed into law a bill that will create an electronic
database so law enforcement can track excessive purchases
of pseudoephedrine. Merchants will be notified if a customer
has exceeded his or her daily or monthly limit for such purchases.
The Birmingham News reports that more meth cooks in Alabama
have begun using a simpler, "one-pot" cooking method that takes
fewer ingredients and can be mostly completed in a two-liter
plastic soft drink bottle, authorities say.  Crystal meth usage in
Albertville and the entire Sand Mountain area has garnered
national attention. It was mentioned in the A&E documentary
"Meth Mountain" as part of the A&E Intervention In-Depth series.

Meth in Alabama

-- Drug Enforcement Administration methamphetamine seizures in Alabama have
bounced up and down for the past six years. Seizures in kilograms (1 Kg. = 2.2 pounds)
    2005     2006     2007     2008     2009    2010
    56.7      11.7      3.8       3.2        49.0      3.8

-- Nationally, 6.1% of drug treatment admissions are for methamphetamine as the primary
drug. In Alabama the past two years (2009-10) the meth rates have been 7.7% and 8.9%

-- As in many states, law enforcement in Alabama is working to stem a rising tide of meth
labs. Number of busted meth labs in Alabama:
        2006     2007     2008     2009    
       209       218       612       614

Speaking of meth in Alabama:

"It was kind of a surprise to find something new right in the middle of I guess the meth epidemic that we've had for so long."
-- Ricky Phillips, commander of the Marshall County Drug Enforcement Unit, talking about the discovery of liquid meth being used in Alabama.

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Youth using meth
Percentage of high school students who say they have used meth in their lifetime:
Alabama     U.S. Avg.
Source: Centers for Disease Control 2009 Youth Risk Behavior survey