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The situation: Louisiana has long been a drug smuggling
center due largely to its 6,000 miles of navigable waterways,
7,721 miles of broken shoreline, and 397 miles of coastline. With
most of the methamphetamine coming into the state from
Mexican drug cartels, the smuggling routes are active. In 2009, 
Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a bill into law geared to stopping local
meth production. The law requires that pseudoephedrine drugs
(a key ingredient in meth) are only sold by licensed pharmacies
and that when pharmacies sell them, they must enter sale
information into a new Central Computer Monitoring System.
Law enforcement officials will be able to access the database
and monitor pseudoephedrine sales.

-- Meth labs uncovered by law enforcement
Year             2005    2006    2007    2008    2009    2010
Lab busts      109       21       46        16        80      107
(Source: El Paso Intelligence Center)

-- High schools students who say they have used methamphetamine at least once. The U.S. average for all students in 2009 was 4.1%.
(Source: Centers for Disease Control):
Year                               2007      2009   
Total                              6.5%     7.9%
9th grade                        4.9%     7.4%
10th grade                      3.4%     9.6%
11th grade                      8.0%     6.7%
12th grade                      8.5%     7.8%

-- Percentage of drug treatment admissions that are primarily for amphetamines (mainly methamphetamine). the U.S. average for 2010 is 6.3%:
Year              2005    2006    2007    2008    2009    2010
Meth pct.       4.9%    4.2%   4.0%    2.8%   2.6%    3.2%
(Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

Speaking of meth

"It is something that's very aggravating as a citizen because I'm one myself and I don't like the fact that anybody would have to pay for someone, what we call a junkie drug, which is what meth is, to actually have to turn around and clean up after 'em."
- Livingston Parish Chief Deputy Jason Ard
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DEA meth seizures
(in kilograms; 1kg-2.2lbs)
  2005   06    07   08     09   10
(Source: Drug Enforcement Administration)