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State officials take on meth

Recently, the Governor’s Working Group on Methamphetamine
Use was created look at all sides of the issue from law
enforcement to treatment, to prevention, to education and to
legislation. The program recognizes that methamphetamine will
not be eliminated by addressing just one of these issues. All
must be addressed, simultaneously, to make an impact on
methamphetamine use in the state.

Catherine Cortez Masto, the Nevada Attorney General, says
to truly make a difference citizens need to recognize that
combating methamphetamine use requires long-term attention,
communication and participation by everyone in the state. She
encourages Nevadans to ask themselves what they can do to help in their community in the meth battle.

Meanwhile, the DEA reports that meth is the most frequently encountered drug in Nevada and remains available in both personal-use and distribution quantities. Nevada is both a point of importation and a transshipment location for methamphetamine. The manufacture of methamphetamine in Nevada occurs on a limited basis. The meth imported into the state is produced primarily in "super labs" (producing 10 pounds or more in a 24-hour period) by ethnic
Mexican drug trafficking organizations operating in Mexico and California. Local meth manufacturing continues to decrease and is found in only small quantities, usually under one ounce per cook, authorities say.

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