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The situation: Methamphetamine and crystal meth abuse and trafficking remain a significant
problems in Pennsylvania, though heroin, cocaine HCl, crack cocaine, and marijuana remain the state's most available and abused illegal drugs. While most of the methamphetamine in the state is imported from Mexico, some still is manufactured in clandestine labs. Recent law enforcement busts have landed more than a dozen people in jail (see quote below). High school students in the state have used meth at a rate slightly below the national average (see graphic above).

Meth in Pennsylvania

-- Clandestine meth lab busts in Pennsylvania since 2004
Year                 2004     2005    2006     2007     2008     2009    2010
Lab busts          106        81       55         16        22         41        33
Source: El Paso Intelligence Center

-- Number of people admitted to drug treatment for amphetamine-related addictions and the percentage of all admissions that were related to amphetamines (mostly meth).
Year                  2005     2006     2007     2008     2009    2010
Number            433        351      304       274       221     n/a
Percentage       0.5%      0.5%    0.4%     0.4%    0.4%   n/a
(Note: the national average percentage of meth admissions is 6.3%)
Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

-- Seizures of methamphetamine in Pennsylvania by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Seizure amounts are in kilograms (note: 1 kg. = 2.2 lbs.):
Year                 2005     2006     2007     2008     2009    2010
Seizures           33.6      27.8       2.4       5.8        1.6      2.7
Source: Drug Enforcement Administration

Speaking of meth

"Because of the dangerous nature of meth production, along with the hazardous chemicals that are used during the 'cooking' process, every meth lab is a threat to public safety. The fact that an apartment, surrounded by dozens of unsuspecting neighbors, was allegedly used as a meth lab shows a clear disregard for innocent bystanders and emphasizes the need for a rapid law enforcement response to any suspected lab."
- Attorney General Tom Corbett, following a raid that netted a lab in an apartment complex

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Students who say they have used methamphetamine
Percentage of students in each grade who admit to using meth at least once
All students           9th grade            10th grade    11th grade           12th grade       
- Pennsylvania         - U.S. average
Source: Centers for Disease Control survey