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Tallying the cost of methamphetamine abuse

The following material was generated by the Rand Corporation -- a non-profit research group -- in 2005. While the numbers and amounts may be slightly outdated, they are the latest available and offer at least a solid estimate of how much meth costs the country.

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The total: $23.4 billion
This amount is based on estimates from a variety of sources and includes both actual out-of-pocket expenses and the price of premature death, child abuse and other variables. Researchers took a middle-ground approach to the estimate, noting it could actually be as high as $48.3 billion.

The total adjusted for inflation:

2005 dollars

2011 dollars

The breakdown:
$23.4 billion
$26.4 billion
SEGMENT Cost (millions)
Drug treatment $545.5
Health care 351.3
Intangibles/premature death 16,624.9
Productivity 687.0
Crime and criminal justice 4,209.8
Child endangerment 904.6
Production/environment 61.4
Total 23,384.4

TREATMENT EXPENSES Costs (in millions)
Hospital-based treatment $4.9
Specialty treatment sector 491.2
Total for community-based treatment 506.1
Federally provided specialty treatment
Dept. of Defense 0.2
Indian Health Service 24.4
Federal Bureau of Prisons 5.7
Veterans Administration 9.1
Total for federally provided treatment 39.4
Total cost of drug treatment 545.5

HEALTH CARE Costs (in millions)
Meth-induced hospital stays $27.1
Meth-involved hospital stays-incremental only 14.3
Suicide attempts 14.2
Emergency department visits 45.9
Health administration 249.8
Total 351.3

HOSPITAL EXPENSES (real dollars)
Fetal dependence $426,756
Neuropathy 20,677
Meth-induced psychosis 9,938,985
Infections 1,400,6075
Injury-mental health-drug screen 125,126
Injury-poisoning 1,569,863
Total 27,057,567

FOSTER CHILD CARE Costs (millions)
Foster care $402.8
Medical-mental health-quality of life 501.8
Total 904.6

OTHER MISC.. Costs (in millions)
Suicide attempts $14.2
Emergency room costs 45.9
Lost productivity (absence etc.) 686.9
Lost income due to loss of job 62.5
Lost income due to incarceration 305.3
Cost to jurisdictions for meth arrests 892.5
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