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The National Methamphetamine Training and Technical Assistance Center website is a guide for those mired  in the nation's most serious drug problem. The center offers resources primarily to neighborhood activists hoping to mobilize against meth at the grass-roots level.

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Students get lessons on effects of meth addiction

MO - An increasing number of children in Missouri are trying methamphetamine for the first time in grade school.  John Horton, president of the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast, says the average age of a first-time user is just over 12 years old. To fight the trend, Horton spearheaded an effort to show hundreds of Springfield School District students exactly what meth can do to a person's body and life.  It's a program called Don't Meth With Us.

IN: 5-year-old in car during meth bust
TN: Don't monkey around with meth
PA: Meth-fueled trucker led officers on three-state chase
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Meth plague not going away

When pseudoephedrine limits caused clandestine methamphetamine labs to all but vanish, many thought the prolem was solved. New revelations have shown that is not the case:
  • A recent federal study shows meth use up by 60%
  • At least two states will set new records for meth lab busts in 2010
  • After a three-year slide, DEA meth seizures are up nearly 60% since 2007 (the 2009 total was nearly two tons)
  • The number of first-time meth users jumped 62% 2008-2009.
  • Some good news: Use among 8th-12th graders is declining

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